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When ordering a chultzit shirt you must choose an option from this page to let us know if you want us to tie tzitzit for you, just send them along with the shirt, or if you will be supplying them yourself. 


Orders placed without indicating your preference for tzitzit will be held until we can confirm your choice.


Currently we are offering the following options:


Ashkenaz thin/thick (7-8-11-13)

Sefardi thin/thick (7-8-11-12)

Ptil Tekhelet Raavad (thin/thick) untied only

Ptil Tekhelet Rambam (thin/thick) untied only


With the exception of the Ptil Tekhelet tzitzit, you can order them tied or untied. If you have a special request or instructions for your tzitzit please let us know by inserting a note during the checkout procedure. There is a note box for this purpose in the checkout.


Tzitzit Strings

PriceFrom ₪20.00
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