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Making Tzitzit Fun Again

The Chultzit

While everyone knows how to wear a shirt, and religious Jews are accustomed to wearing tzitzit underneath their shirts, the combination shirt-tzitzit has some less obvious features and ramifications.


Since linen is not allowed on garments that tzitzit are tied to, we opted to use high quality cotton weaves to make our shirts. Using cotton also allows for very comfortable and cool shirts.



Since the chultzit is intended to be worn untucked, the bottom hem of the shirt is straight. The buttons do not go all the way down the shirt, since that would cause halachic complications due to the garment having 6 corners.  The sides may be closed up with snaps, which does not make the sides closed from an halachic perspective. In order to ensure that the open sides are obviously the greater part of the shirt, an halachic requirement, the length of the chultzit is slightly longer than a typical short of a similar sizing.
Learn more about the halachic background of the chultzit.


The fine cotton should be washed with care - machine wash with cold to temperate water, hang dry. When washing, the tzitzit strings can be tucked into the designated pocket in each of the squares in the corners of the shirt.

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