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About Us

Learn more about our products and the halacha behind them. 


Returning to the Source

Our goal is to return the beauty of the mitzvah of tzitzit and to once again have them on the garments we wear in our everyday lives. Instead of hiding the mitzvah underneath our regular clothes, and wearing an extra square cloth in order to have an excuse to commit to the commandment all day long, we should embrace the mitzvah completely and unreservedly, fusing it with our otherwise secular wardrobe with this mitzvah, thereby creating a unique Jewish fashion statement. 

Halachic References

All our tzitzit-bearing products are made without any linen whatsoever.

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Rabbinic Approvals

We're currently working with leading rabbinic authorities to ensure our products are produced in accordance with halacha. Information will be available soon. Stay tuned!
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